Coravin™ Model 2 Elite (Gold)
Coravin™ Model 2 Elite (Gold)
Coravin™ Model 2 Elite (Gold) Box

Coravin™ Model 2 Elite (Champagne Gold)

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The Coravin™ Wine System gives you the freedom to pour and enjoy a glass of wine from any bottle at any time*. By inserting a medical grade needle through the cork and injecting 99.9% pure argon gas, the bottle is pressurized and wine is being pushed out. When finished, the needle is pulled out and the cork reseals due to its elasticity, no air has gone into the bottle and the remaining wine can be preserved and continue to age.

Coravin™ Wine System is only compatible with still wine.

Each standard set consists of 1 device, 2 argon capsules, 1 standard pour needle and 1 sleeve. 

Colour: Gold