Wine Tasting Series (Part 4 of 4) - Conclude

After you have noted down the smell and taste traits of the wine, assess the wine based on the following:

Balance - Analyse if the various traits of the wine is balanced, dominate one another and/or faulty.

Length - Analyse if the finishing of the wine is short, medium or long finish.

Intensity - Analyse if the aromas & flavours intensity of the wine is low, medium or pronounced.

Complexity - Analyse if the wine has primary, secondary and/or tertiary aromas & flavours. And analyse if all these aromas & flavours integrate well with each other to make the wine complex.

It will also be good if you can note down the traits & flavours of each grape varietal, region, vintage and producer. Thereafter, identify the wine that you enjoy and prefer, so that it can assist to better articulate when tasting or seeking new wine.