Current-Release Wine & Spirits from Local Distributor

Only for current-release (current vintage) wine from our regular local distributors, we will accept the return/exchange of, and/or issue refund for, any unopened and undamaged bottle(s) only, should there be problem found with the wine/spirits. Kindly notify us immediately (within 24 hours from the date & time of delivery/collection) of your intention to return/exchange the wine/spirits, and store these wine/spirits in a proper wine storage conditions in the meantime before returning/exchanging. Please note that only after we have assessed the unopened and undamaged bottle(s) and deemed as having problem, we will then proceed with exchange/refund accordingly.

Secondary & Open Market Wine & Spirits

It is our commitment to supply wine to our customer in its best possible conditions, therefore we do our due-diligence to ensure all our wine/spirits are professionally handled and stored. As for secondary and open market wine/spirits, they can be considered as aged, back-vintage or current-release wines from our 3rd party reliable source, we cannot guarantee their quality in the bottle, as it is impossible to do so without opening the bottle to inspect. As such, we do not accept any return/exchange of, and/or issue refund for these wine/spirits. We hope to seek your kind understanding in this instance.

Other Items (Except Wine & Spirits)

In the event if you encounter any manufacturer's issue/defect (not physical damage such as breakage, crack, torn, dent, etc) with our products (except for wine chiller), kindly notify us immediately within 24 hours from date & time of delivery/collection. We will evaluate the issue/defect, and arrange for return/exchange and/or refund accordingly if the item(s) is deemed as defective and/or having issue.

For any issue related to our wine, spirits & products (except wine chiller), kindly email to us at

For any issue related to wine chiller(s), kindly contact the following hotline within the warranty period:
Vintec - Electrolux S.E.A. Pte Ltd (Hotline: +65 6727 3699)
Kadeka - Capital Marketing (S) Pte Ltd (Hotline: +65 6288 9190)

Important Notes

For return/exchange, we will not accept any return/exchange in the event if there is any form of physical damage (e.g. breakage, crack, torn, leakage, dent, etc) of the item(s). Please be assured that we will do our due-diligence to ensure the item(s) are in pristine and acceptable conditions prior to delivery/collection, and we allow our customers to check & inspect the item(s) upon delivery/collection. Kindly note that only exchange of the same item(s) and/or wine of the same label is permitted, and any exchange is subjected to stock availability. Do note that we only allow any request of return/exchange (subjected to the above requirements) within 24 hours from the date & time of delivery/collection.

Kindly note that all vintage(s) of wine & spirits listed are rolling vintage(s), once the listed vintage(s) is sold out, we will be selling the next available vintage(s). Only in such case, we will notify you, and give you the options of full refund or purchase of the next available vintage(s).

Similarly, all product(s) listed are subjected to stock availability even after payment is made on our website. Hence, once the product(s) you purchased is sold out and/or out of stock, we will notify you and give you the full refund accordingly.

Alternatively, you can also email to us at to check on the stock availability of the particular vintage(s) and/or product(s) before making the purchase and payment on our website. Apart from the above mentioned cases, there is strictly no cancellation and refund once your purchase is made. All right reserved.