We are wine enthusiasts who are simply passionate about wine, so much so that we want to share the passion with you. There is so much to know and talk about wine, because of its history, traditions, complexity and goodness. Not to mention the science and art behind the wine-making, flavour and taste profiles which makes it one of the best and special beverages in the world today.

Wine Colony is the online marketplace of fine wine & spirits located in Singapore. According to your preferences and convenience, We source various premium selections of wine & spirits, glassware, wine chillers and accessories from reputable distributors/importers in Singapore, and offer at our best possible lowest price to keep them affordable for you to purchase and enjoy. Kindly be assured that all our wines are stored professionally in the state-of-art wine storage facility at the right temperature & humidity upon receiving them.

Our selections consist of wine from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, USA, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand; with our glassware from Riedel, Gabriel-Glas and Zalto; wine cabinets from Vintec and Kadeka, and various useful wine accessories from L'Atelier du Vin, Legnoart, Pulltex and more.

Besides, we also provide sales and services to both corporate and private customers; comprising of consultation, supply and delivery of our products for corporate functions, weddings, private tasting, personal collection, regular consumption and gifts. We also conduct wine appreciation/introductory courses for corporate and/or group of private individuals who are keen to learn more about wine.

Being the one-stop provider for all that is mentioned above, you can now buy wisely and drink better with us. Simply shop with us through our online store and/or contact us at admin@winecolony.com.sg for sale & enquiry. Cheers!